Murder Mystery 2 Codes Wiki – Codes are little fulfilling characteristic in Murder Puzzle 2, much like Promotions, that permit athletes to get into a compact section of composing within their supply and after accomplishing this, the participant could get a incentive say for example a blade, pistol, or possibly a family pet. Codes are mainly usually offered aside at Nikilis’s youtube web page. Codes can even be presented aside with JD’s You tube funnel.

Working Codes

There are no working codes right now.

Past Codes (Discontinued)

Combat II (COMB4T2)
Prism (PR1SM)
Alex (AL3X)
Corl (C0RL)
Denis (D3NIS)
Sketchy (SK3TCH)
Sub (SUB0)
Infected (INF3CT3D)
Goo (G003Y)
Reptile (R3PT1L3)
Skool (SK00L)
Patrick (PATR1CK)
2015 (2015)
Gifted (G1FT3D / F1RSTC0D3)
Neon (N30N)
Pumpkin Pet (HW2017)

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