Murder Mystery 2 Sandbox Codes – Murder Mystery By Sandbox Codes can provide goods, domestic pets, gems, coins plus more. When alternative participants consider to earn money throughout the activity, these codes ensure it is simple and you may attain what exactly you need before with departing other individuals your powering.

Murder Mystery X Sandbox Codes (Active)

This is a listing of all the various codes in addition to the things you get if you place them in.

AndAnd : Andromeda with this code
ALLKNIFES4 : More knives with this code
ALLKNIFES3 : More knives with this code
ALLKNIFES2 : More knives with this code
3MEVENT : Give you a Chroma Gingerblade
ALLKNIFES : Give you lot of knife and lot of godly*
RUNI : Give you a Rainbow Runi
NEWPET : Give you a Ice Dragon
GALAXYBLASTER : Give you a Galaxy Blaster

(*) All the Knives

Gingerblade, Immortal, Omega Sword, Ultraviolet, Black Reaper, Demon Heart, Divine, Divine Flame, Gold Reaper, Hallow Blade, HandSaw, Lucky knive, Orinthian Axe, Permafrost, Shark Sword, Blue Venom, Bolt, Eastaze, Heartbreaker, Rainbow Runi, Sacred Relic, Sword of Fire, Azure Slayer, Blaze, Blossom Axe, Crimsom, Earth Blade, Ex0, Frostbite, harbringer, JD, Purple Haze, Saber, Sea knive, Fish, Chameleon, Caution, Galaxia, Ginger, Giraffe, Graffiti, Leopard, Polaris, Polka, Venomous, Cane knive, Ombre, Nebula, One, Pixel, Amber, Amethyst, Blueprint, Bubbles, Donut, Diamond, Emerald, Frost, Elf, Dragonbreath, Delusion, Triad, Tropical, Zebra, Tiger, Chalk, Bricks, Blue, Tiled, Turquoise, Watermelon, Green, Sugar, Taffy, Starry, Slime, Cyan, and as we told you more than 100 knives, swords and weapons, one of the best codes ever!

Murder Mystery X Sandbox Codes (Out of Date)

These checklist is certainly for codes that was previously within the activity, but are not any longer designed for use. Do not get worried, for those who have currently place in these codes, people will not get rid of everything you obtained!


How to Redeem Codes in Murder Mystery X Sandbox

If you’re playing Roblox, odds are that you’ll be redeeming a Promo Code at some point.

If you are uncertain exactly how to accomplish this, you should refer to the instructions under:

Find “Twitter” icon left side on your screen and click this icon.
A screen will be opened.
Type codes from above to the blank area. (you can copy paste these codes)
Hit “Enter” button to use codes.

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